Housing Options for the aging population – Retirement or Age Restricted Communities

Retirement, Senior Real Estate

55+ communities in Southeastern Connecticut can be excellent options for those nearing or entering retirement.  If you’ve been considering moving to a 55+ community let me break down some of the pros and cons. 


  1. Excellent Clubhouse Amenities – Whatever clubhouse experience you are looking for you can find it in an adult community.  From simple to exquisite.  If you’d like to be sure there is a multimillion dollar sewing room available to all residents for use, there is a clubhouse that has one.  If you simply need a place to grab an ice cold beer after a day on the course – that is available too!
  1. Golf Course – Many adult communities in Southeastern Connecticut also are on or near a golf course.  Residency in the community may also net you a reduction in tee fees.  If golfing is something you’ve been looking forward to partaking in your retirement you’ll surely want to consider a 55+ community.
  1. Surrounding by like-minded individuals – Adult communities are rather easy to decide if it is the right community.  If you want an active community you’ll see folks out riding their bikes, walking their dogs, and soaking in the sunshine.  If you prefer a quieter more relaxed community you’ll see more hedging and space between homes with less folks walking around and visiting. 
  1. Community Amenities without the trouble of caring for them – If you want a pool but don’t want to worry about the expense and time to upkeep, you can find an adult community with one.  Want a nearby tennis court, dry sauna, curling court?  Yep, you can find a community with all those amenities. 
  1. Near necessary medical facilities – Because adult communities cater to adult populations, you can find excellent medical facilities nearby.  Cutting down on the drive time as well as the response time in case of an emergency. 
  1. Increased security – One huge benefit is the increased security that many communities have.  Some include a simple gate with a code while other include a 24 hour manned gate.  This is an excellent option if you are a snow bird and travel south during the winter.  You can rest assured that your property is being monitored. 


  1. Higher Community dues – Exterior maintenance, clubhouse maintenance, the pool, the classes, the socials…all of this cost is split equally among the residents.  It can come in the form of annual dues, HOA monthly dues, other organizational dues.  You may even be charged a single capital improvement fee at purchase.
  1. Enforced regulation – In order to keep the community looking clean, nice, and inviting for residents and visitors 55+ communities have higher enforcement rates.  This may not be a con as you take care of your home anyhow.  But if you don’t want someone enforcing any rules upon you on your own property — even if you would follow them anyhow — then you may want to avoid 55+ communities. 
  1. Distant from simple amenities like grocery stores – This is a hit or miss.  Sometimes adult communities are near to some of the best grocers and other convenience markets.  Other times they are not.  Truly just depends.  If you don’t want to drive more than 5 minutes to get your groceries you will want to keep that in mind when shopping for a new home. 
  1. Sometimes have outdated homes – Homes in adult communities can be older and dated.  This is absolutely NOT always the case, however if you see a home that looks “to good to be true” as far as price goes, you may want to lower your expectations on what the interior looks like.  Often if the price is low – the appliances are old. 

If you are considering moving to a 55+ community and want to know what is offered in Southeastern Connecticut call The Dependable Group at 860-447-3447