Protect yourself from scammers during the pandemic

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Scammers Capitalize on Coronavirus Fears. Protect Yourself.

When the Coronavirus news started spreading, normal people took steps to protect themselves and their families.

Scammers spotted an opportunity.

They’ve already capitalized on people’s fears with fake ads, phishing emails, and promises of miracle cures.

So in addition to guarding your health, you also have to protect your computer and your wallet.

Beware of links

Don’t click on links from information sources you don’t know. Even if someone says they’re sending important health updates, be suspicious. Someone may be trying to install malware on your computer to steal your personal information.

Miracle cures

Delete emails containing offers for cures. Right now, there are no vaccines, pills, ointments, and so forth, to treat Coronavirus.

Scam emails

Familiarize yourself with the scam Coronavirus emails that are going around. See

Rely on legitimate news sources

Any breaking health information will be in the news. You also can visit one of the legitimate health organizations for updates.