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“There is no place like home.”

— L. Frank Baum

Community Roots

The Dependable Group has deep roots in Southeastern Connecticut and we serve our clients beyond real estate transactions. We are able to provide connections and resources to anything that may be helpful or healing during the season of transition.

Start to finish – we are there to support you every step of the way.


Home Valuation and Sale

Home Repairs and Preparation

Packing, Moving, Cleaning, and Staging Referrals

Professional Recommendations for Legal and Financial concerns

Elderly Assistance

Divorce Resources

Rental Resources

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At The Dependable Group, we believe that home is more than a house. Home is where we can find rest and joy. We are passionate about helping our clients create homes that they love, by connecting them with all of the appropriate resources. Our team has a database of vetted resources to help our clients feel confident in their home decisions, and find all of the support that they need for a successful transition. Schedule a complimentary consultation call to explore what may be possible.
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