Why selling a senior home is different

Senior Real Estate

For first time home buyers there is a whole lotta nervous energy around purchasing their first home.  It is likely the largest purchase they have ever made.  

Seniors selling their family home is much different.  

First of all, seniors have held their assets for quite a while.  They may have raised children there, had dinner parties, watched their loved ones age with them.  The memories in a family home are vast.  Selling your home as a senior can be very difficult because of that.  

Plus, seniors may not be able to simply move into any home they like.  There are other considerations.  You probably don’t want to purchase a home with stairs, even if you are healthy and able to walk up and down them now who knows how long it will be until your joints start having pain due to the pressure you put on them by walking up and down stairs daily.  The risk of falling also begins to increase.  

So a single story is a must. 

And how are you supposed to downsize a LIFETIME of possessions?  The, now, antique item your mother gave you on your wedding day.  Or the beautiful china set that you’ve had forever.  How can you choose what goes with you and what doesn’t?  

Many of our clients are able to gift family heirlooms to the younger generation, just as they were once gifted to them.  Alternatively, you can consider a storage space to house them until you decide what you’d like to do.  

Now, handling showings.  Many seniors find it difficult to leave for showings because it seems like a hassle.  And at this age, who needs another hassle.  Don’t forget that since we are dealing with a pandemic you may not feel comfortable going into public while you allow a stranger into your home. 

Here is a tough one. 

This is unprecedented in real estate.  However, we can use technology to provide an in-home showing experience without ever having the buyer step into the home itself.  Virtual open houses and virtual showings are becoming more commonplace and are certainly an option for anyone who feels that is their best choice. 

It is clear though, when you are selling your home as a senior you need to work with someone who knows the ins and outs of your specific challenges so they can support you fully.  Hiring a Senior Real Estate Specialist will help you do just that. Call us at 860-447-3447 today to speak with us about how you can stay safe and sane while selling your home in Southeastern Connecticut.