4 Things To Prioritize When Selling Your House

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Dependable Realty - 4 Things To Prioritize When Selling Your House

When you’re selling a house, especially for the first time, there are many tips and tricks you should know. There are some things to prioritize when selling your house, if you want to do it right, and that is exactly what this post will teach you.

If you’re planning on selling your house, you chose the perfect time. Buyer demand is huge right now, and housing inventory is record-low, which means that right now, you have the ultimate seller’s market.

What that means, is that it’s a fantastic time to sell your house right now, as you’ll be able to sell it at the best terms possible, for the most money, and as fast as possible.

However, even though the terms in which you’re selling are amazing, that doesn’t guarantee you any success. You need to know what you’re doing, and you need to know which mistakes to avoid if you want to sell your house.

So, in this post, we’ll cover what things you need to prioritize when selling your house, in order to make the whole process a huge success.

4 Things To Prioritize When Selling Your House

Here are the best tips we have on what to focus on and what to prioritize when selling your house. These tips will help you maximize the sale of your house and make sure you sold it at your desired price and time.

1. Know How To Price Your House

When houses are in high demand, many people think that they can put a crazy high price and that the buyers will pay whatever, just to be able to get the house that they want.

However, that’s not really the case. No matter how low the inventory is, no matter if you’re in a seller’s market, you need to list your house for the right price if you want to maximize the number of potential buyers.

After that, that will result in bidding wars for your house, which will increase the price for the final sale.

So, when listing a price for your house, keep it realistic, don’t make it higher than it should be just because you think you can, and you will actually get more money that way, because of bidding wars.

Listing your house at a crazy high price can backfire, and result in zero interested people because they can’t afford it.

A real estate professional is the best person to help you set the best price for your house so you can achieve your financial goals.

2. Keep Your Emotions in Check

In the past decade, the average period of time that which people spend living in their home has gone up from 5 years to 10. You can see the graph below:3 Things To Prioritize When Selling Your House | Dependable Realty This is several years longer than what used to be the historical norm.

So, why does that matter?

The only reason why it matters is that the longer people stay in a house, the more they get emotionally attached to it. Especially if it’s the first house they own.

The longer you live in one place, you create more memories in it, you attach certain life events to the house, each room has a story, and it’s hard to detach from that sentimental value. While all of that is completely normal, it makes it harder to separate your emotions from pure facts when you’re setting the price for the house.

To you, the house is worth so much more, it can even be priceless, because it holds all of your memories, but in reality, it may not be worth as much as you think, and the fair market price might be smaller.

So, the best thing to do is to hire a real estate professional, who can tell you the realistic, fair price for the house, based on its condition, location, market prices, and so on. They can also help you with the negotiations along the way.

3. Stage Your House Properly

Most people are usually quite proud of their décor and how they’ve customized their houses to make them their own unique homes, in the style that they love.

However, not all buyers will feel the same way about your design and personal touches, since it might not be their style. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you organize and stage your house with the buyer in mind, to make it something that they’ll love.

Buyers want to envision themselves in the space so it truly feels like it could be their own. They want to be able to imagine themselves in the house.

They need to see themselves inside with their furniture and keepsakes – not your pictures and decorations. So, if you leave too much of your own decor, too many personal items, they might not be able to imagine how the home will look like with their stuff in it, and that can make them potentially want to give up.

So, stage, clean, and declutter the house, remove anything that makes the house too personal for you and your family, so they can visualize their own dreams as they walk through each room.

A real estate professional can help you with tips to get your home ready to stage and sell.

4. Be available for meetings

Try to be as flexible as possible when setting meetings with potential buyers to show them the house.

They should be able to see it whenever is convenient for them (if it’s possible), because if they can’t see it quickly, they might give up. So, always try to be as flexible as possible, and try to make the hours that work for them work for you too, because it’s important to not keep them waiting.

Bottom Line

Today’s sellers’ market is definitely the right time to make your move if you want to sell your house. So, let’s sum up all the things to prioritize when selling your house:

  • Know how to price your house – you want to achieve bitting wars
  • Take your emotions out – try to look at the facts, and not your emotions when setting the price
  • Stage the house properly – make sure the buyers can imagine themselves in the home
  • Be available for meetings – make sure the buyers can see the house when they want to

4 Things To Prioritize When Selling Your House